Get your health & emergency QR code


Perfect for families & organizations

Health-enabled QR code for each individual

Personalized health-URL for each individual

24*7 access to ‘In Case of Emergency’ information

Call, SMS, WhatsApp alerts ‘In Case of Emergency’

Location sharing ‘In Case of Emergency’

Quick info on nearby emergency services

Access to personal health records (PHR) via QR code

Secured dashboard to create and manage PHR

PIN-protection for PHR

Doctors Love Us


We liked ReQR cards when we saw it for the first time. It's clever application of technology to add life to otherwise static employee ID cards. We did several initiatives for employee health so far. But this one is certainly most special as it promises to help employees in emergency situations

Mr. Sachin Biyani
MD-Suroj Buidlcon

We offered ReQR cards to our students. Many parents called to say if we can extend it to them as well. Truly a novel initiave. I feel every person should have ReQR card with them. It's worth it.

Dr.Vikas Abnave
Maharashtra Vidyarthi Sahayak Mandal

ReQR cards have made our hospital membership cards for patients very special. Previously patients used to forget bringing the cards, but now they keep it in their pocket all the time as they know in case of emergency, there card can save their life.

Dr.Subhash Erram
Endoscopic Surgeon- Sharada Clinic

Want to protect yourself & loved ones in emergency?